• Original Title: Almost Ghosts
  • Language:  English
  • Production Company: Almost Ghosts, SC
  • Written & Directed by: Ana Ramón Rubio
  • Head Production: Cristina Vivó
  • Photography: Carlos López Andrés, Celia Riera
  • Sound Design: Ximo Cardona
  • Music: Don Joaquín
  • Editing: Cristina Vivó, Ana Ramón Rubio
  • Colorist: Fran Cóndor
  • Graphic Design: Carlos Sánchez (Creatias)
  • Translation: Amparo García Ramón


ANA RAMÓN RUBIO | Director & Writer

Ana Ramón Rubio en Chicago, Illinois.

Valencian audiovisual award Levante-EMV and nominated for the Academy of Web TV (USA) in the categories of script and direction in 2018, Ana Ramón Rubio is the director and author of the digital series ‘We all wanted to kill the president‘, premiered on Amazon Prime, the short film ‘El Camerino‘ with Luis Bermejo and the web series ‘Sin Vida Propia‘, the best non-English comedy at the Los Angeles Web Series Festival. She has co-directed 13 episodes of the thriller ‘La Vall’, (Mediterráneo Media) the first fiction produced by the new autonomous Valencian television and ‘Almost Ghosts‘ is his first documentary feature film. She was co-founder of the webseries section of the International Film Festival of Valencia Cinema Jove and teaches fiction format for the network in the IORTVe of RTVE.


Cristina Vivó en Erick, Oklahoma
Cristina Vivó en la Sandhills Curiosity Shop en Erick, Oklahoma

With a double degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, Cristina Vivó specializes in online marketing and communication and in the development of digital communication projects. For more than 5 years he worked on the former Canal 9 in the video editing departments and equipment operator in the studio. In 2012, she was awarded a scholarship by the Generalitat Valenciana to be part of the communications and press office for a period of two years. He has been part of the press department at the Malaga Film Festival in Spanish in its 2016 and 2018 editions and has been responsible for the production of projects like ‘Último Atardecer‘ (Sara Castelló), Art Director of ‘We all wanted to kill the president’ (Ana Ramón Rubio), Art Director at ‘El Camerino‘ (Ana Ramón Rubio) and casting director and production assistant at ‘Mala memòria‘ (Vito Palanques). In 2017 he created the webseries section of the Fuengirola International Film Festival.


CARLOS LÓPEZ ANDRÉS | Director od Photography

Carlos López en el Wiwgam Motel de Holbrook, Arizona

After finishing his audiovisual studies, he started making corporate videos and music clips, among them, ‘Conditional Hypothetical’ by Lori Meyers. Later, he introduced himself in fiction with an independent film such as “Villorrio del caudillo” (Alan Arias, Alberto Vivó), webseries such as “Sin vida propia” or “We all wanted to kill the president” (Ana Ramón Rubio) and short films such as “El dressing room “or” Golpísimo “(Conino), combining these productions with photography and social video in ‘Recuerda Films’. For his work in the Directorate of Photography of the webserie ‘We all wanted to kill the president’ (Ana Ramón Rubio) he won the best photography award at the Ficticia festival. Currently, he is working in the second season of “Ciutades Desaparegudes” (Pau Martínez) for À Punt Media.

XIMO CARDONA | Sound Design

Ximo Cardona sonido
Ximo Cardona en un motel de Lebanon, Missouri

After finishing the degrees in Advertising and Audiovisual Communication, Ximo Cardona specializes in the world of sound. A 14-year carreer between musical productions, recording studios, live events and audiovisual formats. Within the fiction, he has worked as head of sound design in the series “Sin vida propia“, “We all wanted to kill the president” and in the short film “El Camerino”. In the last year he has participated in productions of the new Valencian public television as the fiction series “La vall” or “L’antenista” by À Punt Directe.